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What can you benefit from a skill coaching?


- clear, realistic, motivating goals
- tailor-made tools to reach your goals 
- inspiring, professional support on the way 

Cocktail of Soft Skillstraining and coaching

Where English speaking skills develop with ease by nature.


We can discover a selection of the following topics:

Self-knowledge, Effective communication, Conflict management, Stress management, Time management, Leadership skills, Cross cultural issues,  Motivation, Goal setting, Key to success, Problem solving skills, Negotiating skills, Presentation skills, Job interview, Travelling abroad, Socializing, Telephoning, Team building, Spiritual and esoteric thinking and many more...

Select the skills to your taste!




Which skills could make your everyday business or private life easier and more effective?​
Which skills could open up new possibilities for you?
Which skills could give you more fun?

Self-development, business skills or any other?
It's your course, it' your choice!​
     Have a refreshing experience!​

Minimum language level: B1
Length of coaching: variable on request

​Syllabus is tailor made to you meet your needs.



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